Saturday, February 7, 2015

Minimes Championship 2015

Dear fencers,

It is your own responsibility to check your attendance daily after the training. This will be important as it will save you the hassle of justifying your attendance weeks later. Should there be any error in your attendance, you are to inform the EXCOs or teachers in-charge immediately.

Registration for Minimes Championship 2015 is now open. You may now register HERE before 22 February (Sunday). This competition is open to Secondary 2 fencers only. 

For more information, Please refer to the "Competitions".

The list of fencers involved in housekeeping matters can be found under "Schedule". As we await the incoming Secondary 1 fencers, there will be changes soon.

By housekeeping, fencers are obliged to:
- maintain the cleanliness of the club house
- ensure all equipment are placed neatly

Teachers will be conducting spot-checks on a regular basis.

Congratulations to the following fencers who won at the Novices Championship 2015!

Serena Wen was represented by her team member (3rd from left).

Thank you.