Friday, January 9, 2015

Absentees for Term 1 Week 1

Dear fencers,

Please submit your medical certificates or parent's letters on 12 January, Monday. It is your responsibility to hand us the required documents promptly.

Absence on 2 January (Friday)
- Jacqueline Gabriella Sukamto (S304)
- Tua Guan Yu, Clive (S403)
- Lai Zhi Hui, Yasha (S406)
- Zhou Liying (S406)

Absence on 5 January (Monday)
- Tiara Qistina Lia Aung Naing (S304)

Absence on 9 January (Friday)
- Goh Zhi Wei, Khit (S307)

As a reminder, we will only accept up to a maximum of 3 parent's letters a year.